HuD People are TOTAL people… As holistic Emerging Leaders, we are inspired TOTALLY to inspire others TOTALLY!  This is our personal and interpersonal Leadership culture: we Link (up with God), Live, Love, Learn, and Lead.

We Link (up with God) - HuD People are spiritual people


  • Believe in the one True Triune God, in the redemptive work of Christ Jesus on Calvary and Him as the ONLY WAY God has given by which men can be saved;
  • Confess that the ultimate inspiration and strength we have is that given us by the power of the Holy Spirit.;
  • Believe in the entire Apostles’ Creed;
  • Are convinced that the single most important activity of every Christian is his/her Quiet Time (at least one hour of Bible reading and prayer every morning).
We Live - HuD People live out the principles in the Bible

HuD People live out the principles in the Bible.  We live out our core values. We:

  • Believe that life is worth living and that whatever is worth doing is worth doing well;
  • Put 110% into whatever our hands find to do;
  • Believe and practice the Production/Production Capacity Principle i.e. we make time to re-CREATE.

HuD People are health-conscious people.  We:

  • Exercise our bodies regularly (experts suggest twice a week for at least 15 minutes per session);
  • Eat balanced diets, drink lots of water (three litres daily), and watch our intake of the ‘three white poisons’ (sugar, flour and salt) and fast regularly.

HuD People are money-wise people.  We:

  • Follow the 10/10/80 rule;
  • Believe in wealth creation (including investing and building our own businesses) and live out Financial Whizzdom®;
  • Are givers—we give to The HuD Group and other worthy causes.
We Love - HuD People are relational people


  • Are kind, friendly and charitable;
  • Choose to love people of all races, religions and creeds;
  • Make our families our priority; our first ‘parish’ to reach out to;
  • Love to meet and interact with people;
  • Each have a HuD Buddy (an Accountability Friend who helps to keep one on track);
  • Choose to have healthy platonic relationships with the opposite sex: we choose to abstain from pre-marital sex;
  • We believe the greatest expression of love is to bring a person to the saving knowledge of Christ and/or help him/her know him better.
We Learn - HuD People are keen-minded people


  • Are voracious readers of healthy, inspiring and empowering literature;
  • Read at least one book a month;
  • Read through the Bible at least once every 1-2 years;
  • Believe in striving to acquire tertiary education—an “A++” one for that matter!
  • Learn a lot from life through personal mentors.
We Lead - HuD People are total impact making people

HuD People are total impact-making people.  We:

  • Touch the world in all our fields of endeavour;
  • Ensure that our SHAPE shapes the world;
  • Desire to die empty, having given out every gift, energy and virtue (potential) buried in us;
  • Have personal visions, Purpose/Mission statements and SMART goals;
  • Resolve to make a positive impact on our generation.
  • We leave a good legacy.