The HuD Group is run by a Board which has appointed a CEO, assisted by an Executive Team of Directors of the various Departments and Divisions.


HuD Finance

Responsible for all financial undertakings and transactions of the group in a transparent and professional manner, serving all divisions and departments of The HuD Group.

HuD Operations

Provides administrative, logistical and legal services to each of the divisions and departments of The HuD Group, including the Office of the CEO.

HuD Clinic

Takes care of The HuD Group’s total Human Resources (HR) needs and consults for other individuals and NGOs as well.  The HuD Clinic organizes monthly HuDdles for staff and members of The HuD Group.

HuD Projects

Various special projects and special outreach initiatives including ALIncubatorTM (see are collaborations between the various HuD divisions, departments and external partners.  The Project Coordinators/Directors usually, but not always, report directly to the Office of the CEO.


HuD Souls

Reaches the lost soul for Christ through 4 L’s: Lips, Literature, Love and Lives.

HuD Institute

Develops and organizes seminars and workshops for real behaviour change.

HuD Forum

Creates fora and special events that edutain Emerging Leaders.

HuD Movement

It works with The HuD Institute to design and coordinate programs and clubs for Emerging Leaders.

HuD Mine

The MineTM is a library of inspirational literature and audiovisuals.

HuD Factory

Publishes all The HuD Group’s physical products and multimedia eg. T-shirts, branded stationery and audiovisuals.

HuD Market

The HuD Market is in charge of marketing our People, Programs, Products, Places and Projects through Corporate Image Management (PR/Communications and Branding), Sales and Promotions, Marketing and Market Research.

HuD Fund

Raises friends and funds to sustain the work of The HuD Group as a charitable organization.

HuD Consult

Consults for individuals, churches, ministries, missions, youth groups, NGOs, governments, multilateral agencies etc.