The HuD Group (The Human Development Group) is a dynamic, Christian not-for-profit movement focused on holistic leadership development of emerging leaders.

About The HuD Group Canada

CANADA’S GREATEST CONTRIBUTION to our world is yet to be seen. What could that be? There are over 200 million migrants in the world today. Canada’s per-capita immigration rate is the world’s highest. Visible minorities account for 14 percent of the total population, rising to 42 percent in Vancouver and 47 percent in Toronto. Canada hosts some 200,000 international students, more than 60,000 of whom are post-graduates coming in each year.

Imagine what the world would look like if these internationals—who tend to be the brightest and/or the most affluent—are strategically empowered to go back to their countries and INFLUENCE positive change in their respective fields of endeavor as salt and light!

What if these mostly young people are envisioned to bring about positive change in their mostly youthful countries, like India which has 70% of its 1.2 billion people under the age of 35?

According to the World Bank, the Number One setback to development in Africa and Latin America (indeed the entire ‘developing world) is CORRUPTION. Can we introduce these emerging leaders to Jesus and/or strengthen their relationship with him so they become true men and women of character?

Canada’s greatest contribution to the nations would be raising godly, effective leaders for the rest of the world for “everything rises and falls on leadership.”

Dr. Yaw Perbi, CEO, The HuD Group


Why What We Do Matters

  1. If there is any ONE thing that shapes our world its Leadership—“Everything rises and falls on leadership” (John Maxwell).
  2. Eighty-five percent of churches in the world are led by men and women who have no formal training in theology or ministry.
  3. If every Christian training institute in the world operated at 120% capacity, less than 10% of the unequipped leaders would be trained.
  4. There are more young people on earth than ever before in the history of the world.
  5. There are significant knowledge, character and skills gaps that are neither adequately catered for by church nor school. Meanwhile the holy scriptures have something to say regarding everything and every sphere of human endeavour; invariably, each facet of life affects the other.


The first meeting of the group of Young People who were eventually to become The HuD Group (THG) was on May 1st, 2003 (“May Day”) in Accra, Ghana.  Yaw Perbi, the founder and first CEO of The HuD Group, shared his vision of an organization which would inspire and empower Young People to discover their purpose and reach their full potential.

In August 2008 The HuD Group began work in neighbouring La Cote d’Ìvoire.  A year later, in August 2009, The HuD Group took a bold step to establish a presence outside of Africa, in Canada.

Founded in 2003 in Ghana, in August 2008 The HuD Group began work in neighbouring La Cote d’Ìvoire.  A year later, in August 2009, The HuD Group took a bold step to establish a presence outside of Africa, in Canada.

The HuD Group officially partnered with John Maxwell’s EQUIP organization in February 2010. In 2012, The HuD Group was officially given charitable status by the Canadian Government.  Currently the beautiful French-Canadian city of Montreal hosts the global  office of The HuD Group.

Today, we have trained Emerging Leaders who are impacting others in Australia, Benin, Canada, China, Congo (DR), Cote d’Ivoire, France, The Gambia, Germany, Ghana, Italy, Kenya, Liberia, Nigeria, Norway, Sierra Leone, Singapore, South Africa, Uganda, United Kingdom, USA etc.…




A network and movement of inspired, informed and invigorated people of Godly influence.


To engage Hearts, enlighten Heads and empower Hands of Emerging Leaders for societal impact and God’s glory.


  1. God
  2. People
  3. Progressive Paradigm-shifts
  4. God-given Purpose
  5. Principles
  6. Character
  7. Balance


Our vision/mission is carried out through the following our:

  1. Inspirational People—to connect with.
  2. Empowering Programs—to discover and fulfill purpose/potential.
  3. Paradigm-shifting Products—to grow in character, knowledge, skill.
  4. Transformational Places—to honour the Creator.
  5. Impacting Projects—to reach out by.



Colours:  The HuD Group’s colours are bright orange and purple signifying youthfulness and royalty respectively.  We desire to bring out the royalty in every Emerging Leader we encounter.

Logo: These are not just concentric circles; they represent three different sizes of human beings. From the inside out, one sees a person who, after being inspired and empowered, keeps developing into a ‘bigger’ (better) version of themself, representing human development.   From the outside in, one sees a human being (irrespective of ‘size’) pregnant with potential.  Of course, we could keep drawing several of these pictures up to infinity but we chose only three.

Why three?  Because three is a number of completeness, representing spirit, soul, and body.  Related to that, our tagline is To inspire…totallyi.e. complete interventions of Heart, Head and Hands that touch every sphere of life (spiritual, mental, social, and physical).