Our Inspirational People

Board Members

This is made up of respectably, godly, wise and prominent members of society whose integrity can be vouched for.  The Board meets semi-annually to set policy, evaluate and approve the programs and products for the year, and to take major decisions concerning the group.


Executive Team

The directors of the divisions and departments (and some heads of units within them) form the Executive Team, which meets once a month to set goals, evaluate the performance of each division and department and make other managerial level decisions concerning the group. Divisions and departments meet regularly to plan and execute their quota towards the fulfilment of the broader Group vision.

MAPs (Members, Associates, Partners)

  1. Partner: invests wealth (financial and material resources) in The HuD Group.
  2. Associate: invests work (time and talents) in the Group.
  3. Member: invests both wealth and work.

MAPS may be volunteers or paid staff.  All invest prayer in the group.